Learn How To Dramatically Increase Your Live Event Sales With Our 5-Step Proven Method -
Without Pushy Sales Tactics!
We’ve closed over $5 Million Dollars in Back of The Room Sales in the last 2 years.
We Are Going To Reveal These Secrets With You
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  • Do you run live events and sell a program or product?

  • Are you losing sales at your live event?

  • Is your sales team closing for you?

  • Are you effectively overcoming objections?

  • Do you have buyers cancel after making a purchase?

If you can relate, let’s set up a time to chat. Give me 20 minutes to tell you how we can increase your dollars earned per head.


I've worked personally with the Sales Mastery system and seen it go to work in my live rooms.   I had a higher closing rate than normal, and I know for a fact that none of the money left my room.

- Lisza Crisalle
Exercise and Nutrion Works

 Amy and Jamie have an incredible process to move a live event into an experience rather than feeling like a sale... turning the room into profit.   And they can teach you how to duplicate this system in your rooms too.
- Brian Nieves  - MO State Senator (Ret.), International Speaker and Consultant

Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned professional, Live Event Sales Mastery helped me identify where I was leaking money out of my room.

-Holly Porter      Multiple Streams Of Income Strategist

Your team in the room can make or break an event.  Amy and Jamie have a way not only to connect instantly with strangers - but also to be able to create transformation.

- Raza Aziz     International Speaker

Our Live Event Sales Mastery Program Can Help You...

Add an extra 3K to 5K to every live event you do
Why and how to master back of the room sales
Stop the money from walking out of your room
Identifying tire kickers quickly so you can spend more time with those ready to buy your products and services
Connect quickly so your sales proposition becomes a welcome invite rather than an intrusion
Having people thank you for allowing them to buy your product
Diminish objections and decrease cancellations
Discover the 5 biggest mistakes coaches and sales people make in their live event rooms
Three things you must know to get the 'yes' they are excited to give you
How to transfer from serving to closing
Enter your prospects minds by using their own self talk.   You will get into their heads and ethically sell them by solving their problem quickly and effortlessly
Get access to proven scripts
Read and respond to buyer body language with out driving them away
Build rapport quickly from the stage and face to face
Identify and eliminate self destructive sales habits
Get comfortable picking up the phone - with proven systems and scripts
Master the front and the back of the room sales either solo or with a team
Amy Honey
Amy Honey is a pull no punches, powerhouse speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement, body language, behavior modification, sales, and habit transformation. She has extensive background in high ticket sales, and is known by her peers as a powerful closer..

Jamie Honey
Jamie is recognized by his peers for being a master sales tactician and is sought after by many of the worlds leads sales organizations to close ultra high end products and programs. Australian born, Jamie is also a sought after emcee and also teaches Improv For Sales and other improve based corporate trainings. When he is not transforming lives through improv and laughter, you might catch him falling off a ten story building… yup, he’s also been an international stunt actor!

This is an 8 week immersive program with 52 weeks of live coaching calls and we will be diving right in!!  

Increase your sales performance with ethical selling.  Live seminar selling is much different than any other type of selling you will do.   You have a short amount of time to connect with potential buyers.

You also have a short amount of time to qualify them for your program.

Learn to quickly identify the deals in the room, at the same time, serving everyone to the best of your ability to have an amazing experience.

When you learn how to sell at seminars, any selling you do will become easier, more natural, and increase your sales abilities ethically.   

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