About Amy

Amy Honey is a pull no punches, powerhouse speaker and trainer in the areas of customer engagement, body language, behavior modification, sales, and habit transformation. She has extensive background in high ticket sales, and is known by her peers as a powerful closer.

Amy is also passionate about helping girls and women find their courage, just as she had to learn do starting at the age of 16, when she found herself alone and independent. Through her own resourcefulness she still managed to graduate from high school. At age 20, she became a single mom, and chose to put her family’s welfare first, while overcoming numerous obstacles in an unreceptive market place. It was during these life challenges and entrepreneurial journey she crossed paths with personal development and discovered her love for speaking and training. Her passion for personal growth, travel and transforming lives has taken Amy all over the world, helping people transform their lives through behavior observation and habit change.

Amy has her national certification through the American Council On Exercise (ACE). She trained for 10 years at Billy Blanks in California in kickboxing. She is certified in Senior Fitness (Silver Sneakers), spin (Kruzers), kickboxing (Everlast Shadowbox), Zumba, certified Shockwave coach, nutrition, certified IndoRow coach, metabolic conditioning (ACE), and sports conditioning (ACE). She is a CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Coach and she specializes in weight loss (extreme weight loss), and helping people to reach their goals. Amy loves to educate herself in her spare time on other languages, physics, and science. She also loves to travel, and teaches classes in social media. She is a bit of an internet self learner, builds websites, does Search Engine Optimization, and loves to study search engine algorithms.

She is married to Jamie Honey, together, they run several businesses.

Amy and Jamie Honey are former gym owners that recognized what wasn’t working in the fitness industry, and what needed to happen at the corporate level to help people make permanent changes.   (http://www.elitefitneszone.com)

They developed the five elements of health.   Exercise, sleep, hydration, nutrition, and emotional environment.   What they discovered, was that emotional environment made the biggest change.   Everything starts with that.    So, they decided that they could inspire and eduction.   Between Jamie’s quick wit and humor, and Amy’s background in health and fitness, they teamed up to bring one of the funnest and most dynamic programs and speeches to corporations.   (http://www.improvforimpact.com)

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